Marlon Magdalena: Native American Artist, Educator, Performer- Flute Player and Maker from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

I am a tribal member of Jemez Pueblo, a federally-recognized tribe in New Mexico. Flute and song making is my art, and I share it through the flutes I make and through my performances. I am an educator at the Jemez Historic Site where I educate the public about my culture.

My life is centered around my family and community of Jemez Pueblo where I have gained much of my knowledge, and it is where I continue to learn new aspects of who I am. I proudly participate in all aspects of Jemez Life; like, speaking the Jemez Language, planting Jemez corn, singing Jemez songs, and dancing Jemez Dances. I am proud that I am from a place that still continues our ancient ways of life. Read full bio

--President of the Jemez Arts and Crafts Association


I am available to perform for any event, like receptions, gallery openings, concerts, etc. I can provide my own sound equipment. I perform Traditional Native American Flute songs and/or sing Traditional Pueblo style songs. 

This is me in my modern traditional attire playing one of my hand-carved flutes.

Some flutes in progress

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