Eagle Bone Flutes and Whistles
and Turkey Bone Flutes

Eagle bone flutes I made from the ulna bone of the same Bald Eagle's wings

Copper Replica flutes

Turkey bone flutes (2 tibiotarsus and 1 ulna)

My Bone Flutes are made with turkey bones, copper or bamboo. I make them in the same manner as old prehistoric Eagle Bone or Turkey Bone Flutes. I melt  homemade pine pitch glue made from Pinyon pine sap and charcoal or ash and shape it into the bore of the flute (see diagram above).  I also make whistles that will only have the sound hole and no finger holes. 

DISCLAIMER: Eagle bones are illegal to sell, trade or barter. Although, I may work on any Eagle bone that was LEGALLY obtained, just contact me for more information.
****** Bald and Golden Eagle Protection ActMigratory Bird Treaty Act ******

Flutes range from 5.5 inches to 8 inches long with 1 to 3 holes. These Bone Flutes are meant to imitate Eagles and other birds.

Jemez Eagle Bone Flutes- Blogpost

Video of my eagle bone flutes and copper whistles, Bone Flutes on Flutopedia


Bone Flutes/Whistles: $40 for copper, $60 for Turkey ulna (wing) and for Turkey tibiotarsus (drum stick).

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